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The music featured in this trailer is Day 24 by Mark Sparling and used under CC BY 3.0:

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Press Kit

Developer: Up Multimedia

Available to purchase: 15 December 2016 EST


Contact: Luke Miller,

Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux, Steam

About the Game

Escape from Pleasure Planet is a gay-themed science-fiction adventure game, with bright colourful graphics, a fun story, and beautiful character art by Joe Phillips.

In the game you play as Captain Tycho Minogue. You're tasked with tracking down a dangerous (and dangerously handsome) criminal named Brutus. The trail leads to Arcadia, a tourist resort famous throughout the galaxy as Pleasure Planet.

But has Brutus gone to the resort solely to hide or is he planning something more sinister? Are the tourists truly happy having their every wish fulfilled or is there a dark underside to this paradise? And what has happened to the original builders of Pleasure Planet?

Action, adventure, romance! Escape from Pleasure Planet is classic sci-fi but with handsome gay men. A perfect gift for Christmas.

Key features

Escape from Pleasure Planet produced by Up Multimedia.

Developed with the assistance of Film Victoria.


"I was looking for gay and science fiction themes that were complementary to each other," Miller says. "In the gay community there’s often hedonism combined with repression. The kid from the small country town who goes wild when he moves to the city. In sci-fi there's often a utopian world with its own terrible secret. Combining the two was an ‘aha!’ moment and I think the twin threads provide a fresh take on each other."

"Escape from Pleasure Planet touches on some deep themes but ultimately it's a fun and uplifting game ... at least I hope so!"

"I learned a lot making My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant and this game is the result."

Press Clippings

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About Us

Luke Miller is an indie game developer from Melbourne, Victoria. An open-source developer by trade, Luke has worked on some of Australia's biggest ecommerce sites, including Sportsgirl, Toys R' Us and Cotton On. His games include “My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant” and “Escape from Pleasure Planet”.

Joe Phillips is an acclaimed artist. His work includes mainstream art for the likes of DC Comics and Dark Horse. He is equally as well known for his gay themed artwork and his "Joe Boys". Joe has also produced a number of successful books and two gay themed movies "The House of Morecock" starring the animated superstar Jonas Morecock and "Stonewall & Riot".


Walkthrough - Part I